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How to Find Ideas for Articles Speeches Do you have problems finding ideas for articles and speeches? I know have had at times, and others tell me the same thing. At my Toastmasters club, for example, I’ve often heard members say they have difficulty finding topics for speeches. But, I’ve learned, like others who write and speak a lot, to start with what I know. To use my own experiences or perspectives to make even a simple subject uniquely my own. And you can do the same. Indeed, what seems mundane to you may fascinate someone else . Suppose, for example, you
Wholesale jerseys work in a fast food restaurant tell me about the best and worst customers, or tell me about the processes and training that make it possible to go from order to delivery in just a couple of minutes. Here’s a real life example from my own experiences. I have a part time job as a directory assistance operator for a telephone company, and that produces some interesting stories, like the time a woman called because the door knob to exit .

fact that the ocean is buried beneath a thick layer of ice. Analysis of Europa’s surface, which is unusually smooth and crater free compared to other bodies in the solar system, suggests that the top layer of ice is relatively young, just 50 million years old or so. Greenberg outlines three possibilities for Europa’s resurfacing: fresh material layers on top, opening cracks in the ice that fill with new material, and/or patches of ice that are disturbed and replaced with fresh material. Based on estimates for the production of oxidizers at the surface, Greenberg says oxygen buildup in Europa’s ocean is happening so quickly that it could exceed that of the Earth’s oceans in a few million years. “We do not have definitive evidence for 
Cheap NFL jerseys the existence of a liquid ocean, but the information we do have is compelling,” Arizona State University planetary geologist Ronald Greeley told Discovery News. “If there is evidence for oxygenation, then the presence of oxygen would certainly.